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Quick Reference Tutorial: Logging in and Searching for a Song

Video Transcription

Logging in and Searching for a Song

Begin by going to the International Christian Resources website at

To log in, enter your complete email address including the @ sign and your password

Remember, passwords are case sensitive and there are no spaces in either email addresses or passwords

If you don’t know your password, click the forgot your password link and follow the onscreen instructions

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see your personal Digital Music Library dashboard

Click the Spirit & Song icon to enter your subscription

You will see all the titles in the Spirit & Song hymnal listed in alphabetical order

To refine this list, use the options in the “narrow your search” box on the upper right of your screen

Initially all options in each category are included in your search

Uncheck a category to hide those songs

Clicking on a category name will display only those songs that fit that category

Click the check all button to remove any filtering options you may have set

In the browse songs sections located in your header area, you will see a number of options to organize the list of songs, by title, composer or hymnal number.

You can also access indexes and Mass settings from the browse songs section

Another way of searching for a song is to use the white search box at the top right of your screen

Type a portion of a song title, composer name, a song number, a topic or any combination of these elements and click “find it”

Click on a song name to see the song details page for that title

To return to the start page, click the Spirit & Song logo or the flame in the header at any time

If you have any issues, contact our customer care team by phone or email.

Our number is 1-800-452-9805 or email at