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What's Changing for Breaking Bread in 2019

The 2019 Breaking Bread features an exciting selection of new music.

Check out the new songs below.

Additionally, it's a great idea to take note of what is going away for 2019 at Advent.

What’s being added:

A Place at Your Table | Ben Walther

Al Partir el Pan/In the Breaking of the Bread | Mariano Fuertes

Arrepiéntete/Repent | Jaime Cortez

As Christ Is for Us | Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

Carry Me Home | Rick Modlin, Owen Alstott

Come, Emmanuel | Trevor Thomson

Exposition/O Saving Victim | Curtis Stephan, Steve Angrisano

Gathered In | Owen Alstott, HARK MY SOUL

God of Might and God of Mercy | Michael Joncas, GRAHAM

Hallelujah Is Our Song | Sarah Hart, Sarah Kroger, Josh Blakesley, Trey Heffinger

In Memory of You/Ave Verum | Alexander Peloquin

Litany for the Earth | Barbara Bridge

Make the Love of God Known | Rick Modlin

Saints and Beloved of God | Dan Schutte

Say to the Frightened Heart | Bob Hurd

Tend the Ground | Curtis Stephan

The Love of Christ | Christopher Walker, Sr. Paule Freeburg, DC

Isaiah 12: Ustedes Sacarán Agua/ You Will Draw Water Joyfully | Mary Frances Reza

Exodus 15: Let Us Sing to the Lord | John Schiavone

Glory to God (Belmont Mass) | Christopher Walker

Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Belmont Mass) | Christopher Walker

The Concluding Rites: Bishop Blessing Dialog 1 and 2 (The Order of Mass) | Chant

Salvador del Mundo (Misa Santa Fe) | Mary Frances Reza

What’s being removed at Advent:

A Gift of Love | Oanh Song Lam

All I Ask of You | Gregory Norbet

Alleluia! Raise the Gospel | Bernadette Farrell

Ang Katawan ni Kristo | Ricky Manalo, CSP

Bread of Life | Rory Cooney

Come Unto Me | Bob Hurd

Faithful Cross | Tom Kendzia, Rory Cooney

From Glory to Glory (We Adore You) | Jackie François, Audrey Assad

Gather Us Together | Owen Alstott

Go Forth | Trevor Thomson

Holy, Holy, Holy Cry | Rick Modlin

Jesus, the Bread of Life | Grayson Warren Brown

Pastures of the Lord | Curtis Stephan

The Great Forerunner of the Morn | WINCHESTER NEW

This Body of Christ | Laurence Rosania

We Praise You | Darryl Ducote, Gary Diagle, Mike Balhoff

What Is This Place | KOMT NU MET ZANG

Psalm 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful | Bob Dufford

Psalm 116: In the Presence of God | Tom Kendzia

Exodus 15: To God Be Praise and Glory | Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

Por Tu Cruz/ Save Us, Savior (Misa Santa Fe) | Mary Frances Reza