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What's New in Breaking Bread 2023

The 2023 Breaking Bread features an exciting selection of new music. Check out what is added and removed in 2023 below.

Check out the lists below: songs added in 2023, song changed in 2023, and songs removed at Advent.

Songs added in 2023:

Act Justly | Bernadette Farrell

Alleluia! Give the Glory (Gathering Song) | Ken Canedo, Bob Hurd

Alleluia! He Is Risen | Bob Hurd

Amen, Let It Be Done | Curtis Stephan

Blessed Are You/Mapapalad Kayo | Ricky Manalo, CSP, Jesse Manibusan

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving | Timothy R. Smith

From Dust We Came, to Dust Return | Scot Crandal

Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory | Jeffrey LaValley

I Have Been Anointed | Steven C. Warner

I Love the Lord | Paul Inwood

In God's Perfect Time | Dan Schutte

Kyrie Litany | Luke D. Rosen

Light of Christ, Burn Bright | Orin Johnson

May the Angels Be Your Guide | Michele MacAller, Kathleen McGrath

Oh, Who Can Know the Mind of God | Justin Wedgewood

Pan del Cielo/Bread from Heaven | Iván Díaz

The Body of Christ | Sarah Hart

The House That Love Is Building | Sarah Hart

There Is a Season | Tom Kendzia

We've Come This Far by Faith | Albert A. Goodson

When Jesus Comes to Jordan's Stream | Casey McKinley

Songs being changed in 2023:

O Holy Mary | Owen Alstott

Resucitó/He Is Risen | Kiko Argüello

Songs removed at Advent:

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam | Dan Schutte

Al Partir el Pan/In the Breaking of the Bread | Mariano Fuertes

All My Days | Dan Schutte, J-Glenn Murray, SJ

Christ the Good Shepherd | Bob Hurd

Gathered In | HARK MY SOUL, Owen Alstott

Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord | Paul Inwood

Jesus, Savior, Friend and Brother | Kevin Keil, Kate Bluett

Laudato Si’! Be Praised, O God | Ricky Manalo, CSP

Litany for the Earth | Barbara Bridge

Morning and Evening Song | Luke D. Rosen

Pescador de Hombres/Lord, You Have Come | Caesareo Gabaráin

Rejoice in the Promise of Jesus (The Beatitudes) | Scot Crandal, Delores Dufner

Sing of the Lord’s Goodness | Ernest Sands

Sing Out, Earth and Skies | Marty Haugen

Song of Farewell | Ernest Sands

The Love of Christ | Christopher Walker, Paule Freeburg, DC