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What's New in Breaking Bread 2021

The 2021 Breaking Bread features an exciting selection of new music. Check out what is being added, changed and removed in 2021 below.

Songs being added in 2021:

All Shall Be Well | Barbara Bridge

Alleluia! Raise the Gospel | Bernadette Farrell, Owen Alstott

Ang Katawan ni Kristo/Behold the Body of Christ | Ricky Manalo, CSP, Pia de Leon

Blessed and Beloved/Bienaventurados | Lourdes C. Montgomery

By Our Love | Tom Kendzia

From the Wounds of Christ | Rufino Zaragoza, OFM

Go Into the World | Tom Booth

Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer | CWM RHONDDA

High Above Our Way | Steve Angrisano, Curtis Stephan

Holy Mary, Revealing Your Son | Ricky Manalo, CSP

In the Breaking of the Bread | Timothy R. Smith

Lord, to Whom Shall We Go | Scott Soper

Luke 2: Song of Simeon | Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

No Hay Amor Más Grande/No Greater Love | Bob Hurd

O God of Light, the Dawning Day | Luke D. Rosen, James Quinn, SJ

O Jesus, Healer of Wounded Souls | Pedro Rubalcava

O Word of Christ | Sarah Hart, Dwight Liles

Sing, All Creation | Scot Crandal, James Quinn, SJ

Stay with Us, O Lord/Come to Us, O God | Barbara Bridge

The Road of Mercy | Maureen Briare

Three Days | Casey McKinley, M.D. Ridge

Songs being changed in 2021:

All Hail, Adored Trinity – Made musical setting consistent with other settings of hymn | OLD HUNDREDTH

Alleluia (Mass of Spirit and Grace) – Lyrics changed in Verse 10 | Ricky Manalo, CSP

Alleluia! Sing to Jesus – 2 verses added | HYFRYDOL

Ashes – New text | Tom Conry

Holy Spirit – Key lowered | Ken Canedo

Isaiah 12: Ustedes Sacarán Agua – Lyrics changed in English Verse 2 | Mary Frances Reza

O Saving Victim/O Salutaris Hostia – Lyrics changed to be consistent with WERNER | DUGUET

O Saving Victim/O Salutaris Hostia – Lyrics changed to be consistent with DUGUET | WERNER

Our God Is Here/Dios Está Aquí – Spanish lyrics added | Chris Muglia

Psalm 118: This Is the Day – Restored missing measure before Verse 3 | Scott Soper

See Us, Lord, About Your Altar – Lyrics changed in Verse 3 | DRAKES BROUGHTON, John Greally

Veni, Creator Spiritus/ Come, Creator! Come, Spirit Blessed – English lyrics retranslated | VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS, Owen Alstott

Wood of the Cross – Lyrics changed in Verse 3 | Owen Alstott

Songs being removed at Advent:

Alle, Alle, Alleluia | Richard Ho Lung, MOP

Beatitudes | Darryl Ducote, Mike Balhoff

Blessed and Holy | Bernadette Farrell

Bread That Was Sown | Gregory Norbet, Weston Priory

Christ Is Alive | TRURO, Brian Wren

Come, Lord Jesus | Steve Angrisano, Tom Tomaszek

Father of Peace | Michael B. Lynch

Hear Us Now, Our God and Father | HYFRYDOL

In His Temple Now Behold Him | ST. THOMAS (TANTUM ERGO), John F. Wade

Let Us Break Bread Together | Spiritual

Lord of Glory | Tim Manion

Lord of the Dance | Sydney B. Carter

May God Bless You | George Van Grieken

Mother Dear, O Pray for Me | CATHOLIC HARP

Out of Darkness | Christopher Walker

Rise Up with Him | Janet Vogt

Spirit, Come | Gregory Norbet

Take My Hands | Sebastian Temple

Those Who See Light | Nancy Elze, Donald Osuna

Wherever You Go | Gregory Norbet

With the Lord | Michael Joncas