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Designed for you and your musicians, this innovative online subscription is the perfect complement to your Breaking Bread missal, offering everything your musicians need to support your assembly in song.

Access, download, share and reproduce as many as you need!

  • Keyboard and guitar accompaniments for all 850+ songs in Breaking Bread
  • Solo instrument accompaniments for more than 700 songs
  • Choral settings for over 570 songs from Choral Praise, Third Edition
  • More than 1,000 MP3 recordings
  • Psalms and Gospel acclamations for the entire year from Respond & Acclaim
  • Assembly editions for print worship aids and projection
  • Ritual texts for various rites and holy days
  • Prayers, devotions and blessings


How much does it cost?

An annual subscription—giving you unlimited access to nearly 9,000 digital assets—starts at $1,199. Subscriptions are available exclusively to Breaking Bread missal customers.

Ready to get started?